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Zumarraga, beautiful landscapes of the Alto Urola

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Zumarraga, a municipality rich in heritage and history, is located in the heart of the Basque Country, offering its visitors an enchanting blend of culture, tradition and natural beauty. This article is an invitation to explore the most emblematic corners of Zumarraga, to feel the pulse of its festivities and to delight in the flavors of its local gastronomy.

The Historical Wealth of Zumarraga

The municipality of Zumarraga, with a history that goes back centuries, has witnessed the birth of illustrious figures such as Miguel López de Legazpi, the famous colonizer of the Philippine Islands. The etymology of its name, which means ‘place of the elm tree’ in Basque, evokes the nature that characterizes it.

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Zumarraga, beautiful landscapes of the Alto Urola 6

Zumarraga began as a settlement on the mountain and later descended into the valley in the 15th century. With the arrival of industrialization in the 20th century, the population grew, although the crisis of 1977 marked a turning point in its demographic development. Today, under the leadership of Mayor Mikel Serrano Aperribay, Zumarraga is moving towards a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future, as evidenced by the transformation of Ibaiondo Street.

Basque Festivities and Traditions

Zumarraga is a hive of cultural and festive activity, hosting events such as the festivities of Santa Isabel and Santa Lucia. These festivities are not only a showcase of the rich Basque cultural heritage, but also an opportunity for visitors to immerse themselves in the joy and color of local traditions.

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Discover Nature and Hiking in Alto Urola

The Alto Urola valley, with Zumarraga at its heart, is a paradise for nature and hiking lovers. The routes through this landscape offer spectacular views and the opportunity to connect with the land and its history. The Ermita de La Antigua Hermitage and the Casa Torre de Legazpi are just some of the landmarks that dot these paths full of charm and legend.

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Local Gastronomy and Flavors of Guipuzcoa

Zumarraga’s gastronomy is a reflection of the rich culinary tradition of the Basque Country. With fresh, quality ingredients, the local dishes are a delight to the palate. From pintxos to more elaborate dishes, dining in Zumarraga is an experience no visitor should miss.

Cultural Itineraries and Emblematic Monuments

Zumarraga is not only nature and festivals; it is also a place of great monumental wealth. The arcaded square of Euskadi, the Tower-House of Legazpi and the Hermitage of La Antigua are just some examples of its heritage. In addition, the Route of the Three Temples, which includes the Basilica of Loyola and the Sanctuary of Arantzazu, is an itinerary that offers a panoramic view of the spirituality and architecture of the region.

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The combination of its historical heritage, festivities, landscapes and gastronomy makes Zumarraga an incomparable destination within the Basque Country. Its commitment to sustainability and the preservation of its cultural heritage ensure that locals and visitors alike can enjoy all that this municipality has to offer, now and in the future.

People also asked…

Who is Zumarraga?

Juan de Zumárraga, OFM (1468 – June 3, 1548) was a Spanish Basque Franciscan who served as the first Bishop of Mexico. He also held the position of the region’s initial inquisitor. Notably, he authored “Doctrina breve,” the earliest book printed in the Western Hemisphere by a European, published in Mexico City in 1539.

What does the word Zumarraga mean?

The word Zumárraga comes from the Basque “zumar” which means ‘elm tree’, and “aga”, which could be interpreted as ‘place of’. Therefore, Zumárraga means ‘place of the elm tree’.

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