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Wine tasting & winery tours
in Rioja and The Basque Country

Our aim is to make your wine tour experience unforgettable. With our expert-guided Wine Tours, you'll have the chance to delve into Basque wine culture's richness.We offer our customized wine tasting tours in basque country full of unique and exciting experiences. Discover the La Rioja wine region, taste the best Reserves, centuries-old cellars and excellent cuisine. Come, explore the world of Basque wine with us!

Visit a Txakoli winery in Bizkaia, explore the iconic site of Gaztelugatxe, and learn about the history of Gernika on a guided tour of these cultural and culinary landmarks.
From 450€

Txakoli Winery of Bizkaia, Gaztelugatxe & Gernika

Duration: 6-7h

San Sebastian 2015 233 new
From 525€

Basque Cider House Experience

Duration: 7-8h

Immerse yourself in the charm of the Basque Coast with a wine tour in Getaria, known for its Txakoli wine, and explore the coastal towns and stunning scenery of the region.
From 495€

Basque Coast, Wine and Getaria

Duration: 7-8h

Embark on a wine tour to discover the vineyards and wineries of La Rioja, Spain's renowned wine-producing region, known for its exceptional red wines and picturesque landscapes.
From 535€

The Essential La Rioja Wine Experience

Duration: 8h

Indulge in a picnic amidst the vineyards followed by a tour of a boutique winery, tasting exquisite wines and learning about the wine-making process in the Basque Country.
From 525€

Picnic in the Vineyards and Boutique Winery Tour

Duration: 8h


Discover Experience Rioja wine tours from Bilbao

The beautiful Basque landscape offers immense diversity in a relatively small area. You can enjoy the ocean and mountains in the same day, and without traveling long distances.

Why Choose Our Traverse City Wine Tours?

Our Wine Tours are an immersive journey into the heart of Basque Country's rich wine culture. We don't just guide you; we provide experiences that unveil the unique essence of wine tasting basque country.

Delight in the Exquisite Vino de Rioja and Txacolí

Our wine tasting tours take you through the vineyards of the famed Vino de Rioja and the unique Txacolí wineries. You'll savor the exquisite flavors of these wines, integral to Basque tradition and cuisine.

Explore Basque Cider Houses and Centuries Old Wineries

Experience the rustic charm of Basque cider houses and the historic cellars of centuries-old wineries. Our winery tours offer a unique blend of tradition and innovation in Basque wine-making.

Discover the Hidden Gem of Laguardia on Our Wine Tours

Our tours extend beyond wine tasting to exploring the hidden gem of Laguardia. Here, you'll delve into the town's rich history and its intimate connection with the art of wine-making.

The Best of Basque Private Tours

Basque Wine

Integral to the dining experience is Basque wine, notably the slightly sparkling white wine known as txakoli, and the traditional cider. Txakoli serves as an ideal complement to the seafood-heavy Basque diet, while cider, poured in local cider houses, offers a bubbly glimpse into the region's history and festive spirit.

FAQs about Wine Tours

You will have the opportunity to taste a range of wines, including the famous Vino de Rioja, the unique Txacolí, and traditional Basque Apple Cider.


Yes, our tours include visits to both vineyards and wineries, providing an immersive experience of the wine-making process.


Yes, we include a visit to a Boutique Txakoli Winery, which is a special highlight of our tours.