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Nervion River Waterfall in spain

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We will immerse ourselves in the grandeur of Salto del Nervión, an impressive waterfall located near the town of Berberana in the province of Álava, Spain. With its imposing 222-meter drop, this natural treasure stands as the highest waterfall in Spain and the entire Iberian Peninsula. We embark on an unforgettable journey to explore its attractions, how to get there, and the best time to witness its splendor.

Attractions of Nervion River

Senda Verde de Delika: Exploring Delika Canyon from below

One of the most captivating experiences is to hike along the Senda Verde de Delika, a trail enabled by the Foral Diputación of Álava in Amurrio. This picturesque path invites us to enjoy Salto del Nervión from a unique perspective, observing the waterfall from below and marveling at its imposing water cascade. Senda Verde de Delika is an ideal option for a family hike, as it allows us to venture into the captivating Delika Canyon and discover some of its most remarkable spaces.

Monte Santiago: Discovering the local flora and fauna.

Next to the Santiago Fountain, we find the Casa del Parque ‘Monte Santiago,’ a small interpretation center that provides valuable information about the significance of this natural environment. Here, we can learn about the rich fauna and vegetation of the area, which includes over 20 mammal species, such as the Iberian lynx, European badger, pine marten, beech marten, wild boar, and many others. Moreover, we will enjoy the beauty of oak groves, kermes oak groves, beech forests, and pine reforestations at different elevations of the landscape.

El Mirador del Salto del Nervión: A panoramic spectacle.

To appreciate the magnitude of Salto del Nervión, nothing compares to visiting El Mirador del Salto, a strategic viewpoint that offers a spectacular panoramic view of the waterfall. From this viewpoint, we can contemplate how the water plunges into a majestic abyss, leaving us in awe of the immensity of nature. Don’t forget to bring your camera to capture unforgettable moments in this magical place.

Circular Route PR-BU 41 + PR-BU 45 + PR-BU 42

Hiking and nature enthusiasts will find a unique experience in this circular route. Starting at El Mirador del Salto del Nervión, we will follow the PR-BU 41, PR-BU 45, and PR-BU 42 trails, which will take us through breathtaking natural landscapes. During the journey, we will admire the beauty of the waterfall from different perspectives and immerse ourselves in the tranquility of the forests and meadows surrounding the area.

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San Sebastian and Coastal Route

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When to Visit Nervion River

The beauty of Salto del Nervión lies in the flow of water, making it essential to plan the visit at the right time. We recommend exploring the waterfall after heavy storms, frequent rains, or during the thaw season when the water flows in all its splendor. This way, we ensure to enjoy the waterfall in all its glory, with a water flow that enhances its majesty.

How to Get to Nervion River

One of the most popular options to reach Salto del Nervión is from the urban nucleus of Orduña, taking the road that leads to the top of Monte Santiago. This road, A-2625, offers a spectacular landscape with dizzying curves and an impressive elevation gain of 900 meters. Cycling and motor enthusiasts will delight in this challenging route. Once at the top of the mountain, we will head towards the entrance of Monte Santiago, where we will find the first parking lot. From there, we will follow a forest trail to reach the other available parking areas.

Where to Park at Nervion River

Monte Santiago has three parking areas with limited capacity, often overflowing due to the high number of visitors.

  • Parking lot number 1, next to road A-2625, offers 57 spaces for cars and 3 for buses.
  • Parking lot number 2, known as the cypress parking, provides 21 spaces and is located between the Casa del Parque ‘Monte Santiago’ parking and parking lot number 1.
  • Finally, parking lot number 3, next to the Casa del Parque, is the closest to Salto del Nervión and is ideal for families and short walks.

Salto del Nervión is a natural gem that offers an incomparable spectacle in the Basque Country. From Senda Verde de Delika to El Mirador del Salto and the Circular Route PR-BU 41 + PR-BU 45 + PR-BU 42, this destination provides a unique and enriching experience in contact with nature. To witness the magic of Salto del Nervión in its splendor, it is essential to visit after heavy storms or during the thaw season. By following the route from Orduña and using the available parking at Monte Santiago, we will enjoy an unforgettable adventure in this wonderful corner of the Basque Country. Come and discover the grandeur of Salto del Nervión, an experience you will cherish forever!

Frequently Asked Questions

Bilbao is located on the lowermost course of the Nervion River.

It is possible to reach Salto del Nervion by car. It will take you just over an hour from Vitoria. At the city’s exit, you must follow the N-102 for about 5 minutes until you join the A-2622 towards Nanclares de la Oca.
One thing that everyone agrees on is that Salto de Nervion, with a stunning single drop of 222 meters, is the highest waterfall in Spain. The waterfall is located on the edge of the province of Alava, close to Burgos.

The Nervion River has a maximum depth of 30 meters.

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