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What to See and Do in Eibar: A Complete Guide for the Traveler

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Eibar, a hidden gem in the heart of the Basque Country, is a destination that combines history, culture, and breathtaking landscapes. If you’re looking for a place full of charm, with a wide range of leisure activities and a rich tradition, Eibar is the perfect destination

History of Eibar

Eibar has been a point of interest since ancient times. Its rich history is intertwined with industry, art, and Basque culture. For centuries, Eibar has been known for its arms industry, granting it a special place in Spanish history.

Where is Eibar?

Located in the province of Gipuzkoa, in the Basque Country, Eibar is situated in a valley surrounded by mountains. Its strategic location between Bilbao and San Sebastián makes it easily accessible and an ideal starting point to explore the region.

What to See and Do

Eibar Arms Industry Museum

A must-visit place to understand the history and identity of Eibar. The museum offers a detailed view of the evolution of the arms industry and its impact on local society.

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Ipurua Stadium

Home of the SD Eibar football team, it is a meeting place for football fans and a symbol of the city’s sporting passion.

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Arrate Cross

This iconic landmark offers stunning panoramic views of Eibar and its surroundings. It’s a perfect spot for a hike and to enjoy nature.

Portalea Culture House

A space dedicated to art and culture, where exhibitions, workshops, and events promoting local culture are held.

Eibar Bullring

Although bullfights are no longer as popular, the Bullring is a reminder of Eibar’s traditions and history.

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Sagartegieta Palace

This beautiful historic building stands as a testament to Basque architecture and hosts events and exhibitions throughout the year.

St. Andrew’s Church

An architectural monument notable for its beauty and historical significance in the city.

Bacoleku Wine Bars

For wine lovers, Bacoleku is the perfect place to sample local wines and learn about the wine tradition of the region.

Hiking Routes

Eibar is surrounded by nature, making it ideal for hiking enthusiasts. There are several routes offering breathtaking views and the chance to explore local flora and fauna.

Fun Facts

The name “Eibar” comes from the Basque language and means “between mountains”.
Although Eibar is known for its arms industry, it has also been an important center for bicycle production.

Local Festivals

Eibar comes to life and color during its local festivals. The festivities of San Juan and San Andrés are especially popular, featuring music, dance, and traditions that reflect the rich Basque culture.

Gastronomy of Eibar

Basque gastronomy is world-renowned, and Eibar is no exception. You can’t leave without trying the “pintxo”, a small delicacy. Additionally, fresh seafood, cider, and traditional desserts like “Goxua” are a must-try.

Eibar is a city that offers a perfect blend of history, culture, and nature. Whether you’re interested in exploring museums, indulging in local gastronomy, or simply relaxing in a stunning natural environment, Eibar has something to offer every traveler. Come and discover it!

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