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Definite guide to Park in San Sebastián

Compilation of areas where to park for free in Bilbao and list of the best parkings to park and move around.
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San Sebastián, also known like Donostia, is a city that enamora with his beaches, culture and gastronomy. If you are planning a visit and ask you how and where park, are in the right place! To continuation, offer you a guide detailed so that you enjoy of the city without concerning you by your vehicle.

Zones OTA: Regulation and Prices

The Organisation of Traffic and Parking (OTA) regulates the parking in San Sebastián, differentiating zones according to the demand:

  • Special Zone (colour sand): Máximo 90 minutes, mainly in the centre.
  • Blue zone: Parking among 3 and 5 hours, present in Amara Ancient and New.
  • Red zone: Depending of the area, allows among 90 and 180 minutes.
  • Green zone: The most economic option, allowing among 3 and 9 hours.

The cost varies according to the vicinity to the centre, being the Green Zone the most affordable and the Special Zone the costliest. However, it is possible to park free out of the schedule OTA, generally Sundays and festive.

Parkings Subterranean: Comfort in the Heart of the City

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For those that look for comfort and security, San Sebastián has multiple parkings subterranean:

  • Parking Okendo: To few steps of the centre, ideal for those who wish to explore the city on foot.
  • Parking Boulevard: BESIDE the Square the Brecha, although it is not of the most economic, his location is inigualable.
  • Parking La Concha y San Martín: Perfect to enjoy of the emblematic maritime walk and the beach.
  • Parking  Buen Pastor: Situated near of the cathedral, is an excellent option for the lovers of the history and the culture.

To measure that move of the centre, the prices tend to diminish. Although you are more move away, the excellent net of public transport allows you move you with ease.

Free parking: Secrets of San Sebastián

There are several options to park free in San Sebastián:

  • Parkings Disuasorios: free Spaces with good connection in bus to the centre. They stand out the Parking Illunbe, Parking Miramón, Parking Igara and Parking Zuatzu.
  • Shopping centre Garbera: it Offers free parking the Sundays and festive.
  • Area Autocaravanas: If you travel in autocaravana, San Sebastián has a space in Ibaeta with basic services and good connection to the centre.

More information> Finding Free Parking in San Sebastián

San Sebastián, with his mix of tradition and modernity, is a fate that can not you lose. Already it was that you decide to park in full centre or explore the free options, this guide will help you to enjoy to the maximum of your visit. It enjoys of Perla of the Bay of Biscay!

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