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Definite guide to Park in Bilbao

Compilation of areas where to park for free in Bilbao and list of the best parkings to park and move around.
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Bilbao, the jewel of the Basque Country, is known by his impressive landscapes, his rich culture and his impressive modern architecture and traditional. However, as all big city, park can be a challenge. But, you do not concern you! We present you a complete guide to help you to find this longed for space for your vehicle.

Understanding the System OTA of Bilbao

The City council of Bilbao has implemented a system called OTA (Ordenanza of Traffic and Parking) that divides the parking in the city in zones, identified by colours:

  • Blue Zone: it Is allocated mainly to visitors and allows a maximum time of parking of 2 hours.
  • Green zone: Thought for residents, but also opened to visitors, with a limit of 5 hours.

The machines expendedoras of ticket are strategically situated in the different zones. You can pay in cash, with card or even through your mobile. And if it concerns you forget the hour of vencimiento of your ticket, the application Bilbao Park will warn you, allowing you besides extend the time of parking if necessary.

Parkings Strategic in Bilbao

Ria Bilbao

Further of the streets, Bilbao offers diverse options of parking:

  • Parking Azkuna Zentroa: Situated in the heart of the neighbourhood of Indautxu, is an excellent option if you plan to enjoy of a cultural or gastronomic day in the city.
  • Parkings Disuasorios: Situated in the seasons of metre of Leioa, Etxebarri, Yearn and Ibarbengoa, his purpose is to animate to the visitors to leave his cars and use the public transport. These parkings offer prices reduced for those who combine the parking with the use of the metre.
  • Parkings Private: Establishments like the Parking Intermodal, Parking Arenal and Parking Plaza Euskadi offer security and comfort, with near access to points of interest and public transport.

Free parking: Myth or Reality?

It is possible to park of free form in Bilbao, although it can require a bit of patience and skill:

  • Zones without OTA: Neighbourhoods like Deusto, Zurbarán and Txurdinaga, although a bit #move# away of the centre, offer spaces without restrictions of OTA.
  • Park of Artxanda: A calm place where can try find a free space.
  • Special days: The Sundays, and some Saturdays and evenings of August, the OTA does not operate, offering free parking in the centre. However, it is essential to verify in the website of the city council the seasonal changes in the schedules.
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Special parkings for Autocaravanas in Bilbao and his Surroundings

If you travel in autocaravana, Bilbao and his surroundings offer spaces designed especially for you. Here we present you some options stood out:

  • Area of Autocaravanas Bilbao Hostel (Koketamendi): Situated in a zone designated Kastrexana, this area offers a perfect combination among nature and city. With services of first, like takings of potable water and electricity, and the advantage to have to disposal all the comforts of the hotel Bilbao Hostel. Besides, the public transport will spend you to the centre of Bilbao in so alone 10 minutes.
  • Area of Autocaravanas Sopelana: A free space where enjoy of the mediaeval beauty of Plentzia and the near beaches. Although it is a place without cost, offers basic services and is strategically situated near of routes of hiking and polideportivos.
  • Motorhome Parking: Situated in Bakio, this parking is ideal for the lovers of the surf and the beach. With spaces delimited and near services, is an excellent option for those who look for an amicable environment and relaxed.

Practical councils

  • Schedules with Antelación: If you know your fate, researches the options of near parking. Some parkings offer discounts by previous reservation.
  • It uses the Technology: Applications like Bilbao Park no only allow you pay and extend your time of parking, but also they alert you on possible sanctions.
  • It combines Transport: it Considers to park in peripheral zones and use the public transport to approach you to the centre. Bilbao has a system of efficient metre that will connect you quickly with the main points of interest.

Park in Bilbao does not have why be a titanic task. With the suitable information and a previous planning, will be able to enjoy of all what this glorious city has to offer without concerning you by where leave your vehicle. Happy trip!

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