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Bilbao Cruise Port: A Gem for Cruise Passengers

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Bilbao, a vibrant city in Spain’s Basque Country, has undergone a remarkable transformation from an industrial heartland to a bustling hub of art, culture, and gastronomy. This resurgence was sparked by the opening of the iconic Guggenheim Museum in 1997, designed by Frank Gehry. Today, Bilbao is not just known for this architectural marvel but also for its rich tapestry of experiences that await cruise passengers. With leading cruise lines like Azamara, Regent Seven Seas, Celebrity Cruises, Silversea, P&O Cruises, Princess Cruises, and Royal Caribbean docking at its ports, Bilbao has become a must-visit destination on the maritime map.

Bilbao Cruise Port: Your Gateway to Exploration

Cruise ships calling at Bilbao dock in the affluent suburb of Getxo, situated approximately 10 kilometers from Bilbao’s city center. Due to the inability of large vessels to navigate the Nervion River, Getxo serves as the primary port. This location offers three berths and a modern cruise terminal equipped with tourist information and complimentary Wi-Fi, ensuring a comfortable and convenient start to your adventure.

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Can I Walk to Places of Interest?

While the immediate vicinity of the cruise terminal in Getxo offers a selection of shops and restaurants along the marina, the city’s main attractions lie a bit further afield. Notably, the UNESCO-listed Vizcaya Bridge, the world’s oldest transporter bridge, is just three kilometers away. To truly immerse yourself in Bilbao’s charm, a short shuttle bus, metro, or taxi ride is recommended.

Navigating Your Way

The port authority provides a free shuttle service every 20 minutes from the terminal to various points within Getxo, where you can enjoy fine dining and beautiful beaches. For those heading to Bilbao, the nearby Neguri metro station offers a direct line (Line 1) to the city. Alight at Moyúa station, and after a brief walk, the Guggenheim Museum welcomes you.

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Alternatively, cruise ships often offer their own shuttle services to Plaza Moyua in the heart of Bilbao, providing easy access to the Guggenheim and other central attractions. Taxis are readily available for a quick and cost-effective journey, especially when shared.

For a scenic route, consider the Bilbobus (lines 3411 and 3413), connecting Getxo with downtown Bilbao. Though slightly slower than the metro, it offers a unique view of the area. Once in Bilbao, the city’s highlights are best explored on foot, allowing you to savor the atmosphere and discover hidden gems.

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Book a Tour: Bilbao Cruise Excursions

Bilbao Cruise Excursions

Whether you’re an art aficionado, a foodie, or simply in search of new experiences, Bilbao promises a memorable stop on your cruise journey. With its mix of historical allure and contemporary flair, coupled with the warm hospitality of the Basque people, Bilbao is a city that welcomes all who arrive by sea with open arms and an abundance of activities. Prepare to be enchanted by the spirit of Euskadi as you explore Bilbao, a city where tradition and modernity dance in harmon.

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