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If you are looking for the best period to visit the Basque Country and submerge you in his amazing natural beauty, rich history and only culture, have arrived to the suitable place. In this article, will reveal you which is the ideal moment to explore this region that captivates the senses and offers unforgettable experiences to the travellers. From the magnificence of his mountains until the serenity of his coasts, the Basque Country expects you with the open arms in each season of the year.

Best time to visit The Basque Country

Euskadi, Fate for All the Year

The Basque Country is known by his diversity of landscapes, that span from the majestuosas mountains until the relajantes coasts, and his only climate that adds a special charm to each season. When choosing the best period to visit this region, is crucial to consider your personal preferences and favourite activities. To continuation, present you a guide detailed for each season:

Summer: Exuberance and Emotion

The summer is the period in which the Basque Country shines with main intensity. The mountains are covered of exuberante vegetation and the coasts fill of life and energy. The warm temperatures do that it was the ideal season to practise hiking in the mountains, explore the charming coastal villages and enjoy of aquatic activities like the surf in the beaches of world-wide renown. During this period, the half temperatures rondan the 20ºC, creating a perfect environment to enjoy alfresco.

Autumn: Warm Colours and Traditions Rooted

To measure that the summer dispels , the autumn arrives with his own charm. The warm colours of the trees create a picturesque stage in the mountains and valleys, whereas the cultural traditions charge life with festivals and local events. It is the perfect moment to explore the markets of fresh foods and enjoy of the delicious Basque gastronomy. Besides, the temperatures in autumn are fresher, what provides a pleasant climate to stroll and submerge in the local culture.

Spring: Renaissance and Beauty Renewed

The spring in the Basque Country is a renaissance of the nature. The landscapes flower with a big variety of flowers and the region full of life once again. This season is ideal to explore the gardens and parks, visit the museums and submerge in the local culture. Besides, the fresh and pleasant climate does that it was a moment optimum to visit the region on foot or in bicycle. The half temperatures in spring are soft and comfortable, what offers a perfect environment to explore all the marvels of the Basque Country.

Winter: Charm in the Privacy

Although the winter can be calmer in terms of tourism, has his own charm in the Basque Country. The mountains dress of target and the cities purchase a cosy air. It is the perfect moment to explore the rich history of the region through his museums and cultural places, and enjoy of the warmth of the coffees and local bars. The half temperatures in winter are soft, around the 8ºC, what allows to enjoy of the region of a more intimate and calm way.

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Which is the Best Period for Your Trip to the Basque Country ?

 If you look for activities and animate beaches, the summer is your ideal season. If you enjoy of the festivals and the colours of the autumn, this season will offer you an unforgettable experience. For those that prefer temperatures softer and a nature renacida, the spring is your perfect option. And if you appreciate the privacy and the wintry charm, the winter will receive you with the open arms.

Precipitation and Climate

The climate in the Basque Country is characteristically variable, with tall precipitations along the year. The month of July is used to to be the less rainy, offering days drier for the travellers.  In the coast, the summer can be rainier in comparison with the interior. To take advantage of to the maximum your visit and avert climatic surprises, recommend you consult the meteorological forecasts before scheduling your activities.

The Basque Country is a region that can enjoy during all the year, since each season offers an only and thrilling experience. It does not import when you decide to visit the Basque Country, will be surrounded of his natural beauty, his rich culture and his charm cautivador. It prepares your cases and discovers all what this magic region has to offer!

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