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Discovering Azpeitia: A Trip to the History in the Basque Country

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Welcome to Azpeitia, a historical jewel hid in the heart of the Basque Country! If you are a lover of the history and is mad about you submerge you in the rich culture of each place that visits, this charming location you enamorará from the first instant.

A Walk by the History

Azpeitia is a city with centuries of history to his backs, and each street paved, each ancient edifice and each corner hides a fascinante history that count. Founded does more than one thousand years, this earth has been witness of innumerable events that have left his footprint in his cultural heritage.

Monuments that Count Histories


In each corner of Azpeitia, will find monuments and edificaciones that speak us of the glorious past of this Basque earth. The Sanctuary of Loiola is a place  that honours to the founder of the Company of Jesús, Saint Ignacio de Loyola. Here, you will be able to submerge you in the life and legacy of the saint while you admire the impressive architecture of the sanctuary.

The Parish San Sebastián of Soreasu, associated to the templarios, will receive you with his imponente Basque Gothic presence. His cover neoclásica and his tower in style neogótico are testimonies of his historical past.

But the history of Azpeitia does not limit to his churches. Edifices like the House Enparan, dated in the 14th century, and the Palace Antxieta, of style mudéjar, will transport you to past periods while you visit his corridors and discover his secrets.

The Charm of the River Urola

Can not speak of the history of Azpeitia without mentioning the picturesque River Urola, that flows majestically through the city. This river has been witness of innumerable events along the centuries and has been a source of life and wealth for the local community. Stroll by his banks will allow you connect you with the nature and appreciate the vital paper that the river has exerted in the history and the daily life of Azpeitia.

Urola River

A Walk by the Centuries in the Museum

Submerge in the history of Azpeitia would not be complete without visiting his museums, that are authentic treasures of knowledge. The Basque Museum of the Railway will spend you in a trip in the time to the golden era of the trains, while you contemplate locomotives and ancient wagons that count histories of the industrial revolution.

In the Museum Ingurugiro Etxea, will discover the natural treasures of the Basque Country and how the community has preserved his surroundings along the years. An inspiring experience for the lovers of the nature and the sustainability.

Finally, in The Saint House, will know more on the most famous saint of the city, Saint Ignacio de Loyola. His life and legated interweave with the history of Azpeitia, and this museum will offer you an only perspective of his influence in the region and further.

Parties with Charm and Tradition

In addition to his history and cultural heritage, Azpeitia is famous by his vibrant festivities that wake the city with his festive spirit. From the famous “tamborrada” in honour to San Sebastián of Soreasu until the colourful celebrations of Carnival and the bullfighting fair in honour to Saint Ignacio de Loyola, each festivity is an opportunity to submerge in the local traditions and feel the warmth of his people.

In round-up, Azpeitia is a historical jewel that expects to be discovered by curious travellers and been mad about by the culture. Submerge you in his past in each monument, learns of his present in his museums, strolls beside the charming River Urola and celebrates with his people in his festivities. Azpeitia Invites you to an unforgettable trip through the centuries and will captivate you with his only charm in the Basque Country. You do not expect more to explore this wonderful full city of history and tradition!

Frequently Asked Questions

The name “Azpeitia” is derived from the Basque language. It is believed to originate from the words “Atx” (meaning rock) and “Pitia” (meaning peak). Together, they refer to the rocky peaks that surround the town, giving it its unique and picturesque setting.

Loyola Castle, also known as the “Loiola Tower,” is located in the town of Azpeitia, in the province of Gipuzkoa, in the Basque Country, Spain. It is part of the religious complex of the Sanctuary of Loyola, which commemorates the birthplace of Saint Ignatius of Loyola, the founder of the Jesuits. The castle’s historical significance and association with Saint Ignatius make it an essential destination for pilgrims and history enthusiasts visiting Azpeitia.

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