What to expect on a Bilbao Food Tour

Discover in this article what to expect on a Bilbao Food Tour! Undoubtedly the most fun and delicious way to experience the city! Our company, ‘The Best of Basque’ offers the Best Food Tours in Bilbao.

What to expect on a Bilbao Food Tour

Experiencing the pintxos of the Basque Country is an essential part of visiting the region. Pintxos are similar to the Spanish tapas that are found in other parts of Spain. Historically, one of main differences is that the Basque pintxos are usually served on a piece of bread. Modern differences include fresher ingredients, more choices, and increasingly more gourmet options influenced by the famous Michelin-star restaurants. On a food tour of Bilbao you will have the opportunity to try both the traditional and modern pintxos.

On our food tours of Bilbao or San Sebastian we visit bars that showcase the variety of pintxos offered. The majority of the bars have a specialty that they are famous for. What makes a food tour so worthwhile for the visiting guest is that you may not know where to find the best pintxos in town. In particular, many bars have pintxos calientes or hot pintxos that can be ordered fresh on the spot. Many times these are the absolute best pintxos the bars have to offer. We really enjoy showing our clients these amazing gastronomic creations! It many feel like you are dining in a 3 star restaurant when experiencing these delicious snacks. The ingredients that make up the pintxos vary. Most of the pintxos contain varieties of fish, meat, vegetables, cheese, and egg. If you have dietary restrictions we can usually accommodate most requests.

In addition to the food, we also like to introduce our clients to the plethora of wine available in the Basque Country. We have red wine from La Rioja, white wine from central and western Spain, craft beer, cider and our favorite Txakoli. Txakoli is a very lightly sparkling Basque white wine that is exclusively produced in the Basque Country.

We look forward to meeting you in the future on a Bilbao or San Sebastian food tour!

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