Unbeatable combination of a local and an American!

Client Feedback

Unbeatable combination of a local and an American!

Tours don’t get better than this. Zach is an American, Irene is a local. Either one would be great on their own. Together, they are unbeatable!

So why is that? Because they each filter what they are telling you through their own upbringing and their background. If you are American, Zack makes references to familiar things you know so you can understand the Basque culture easily. Irene explains how life is in Basque country from local eyes, telling stories about how her mother cooks or what foods are special and how they have them only on Christmas, for example. Together, the two different perspectives give the tour a depth you can’t get from other tours.

We went to a wonderful restaurant called “Mandoya”. All Basque food, no English was spoken. Irene and Zach patiently went through each menu item with us. They wrote down the selections and then presented them to the waitress. It was out of this world good! And we felt as though we had tasted real Basque food. It was quite an experience thanks to them.

They met us right on time with their Mercedes Van. I don’t think I have ever had more enthusiastic guides. So friendly and HAPPY! They really enjoy what they do.

We did too much to be written about here. If you have specific things or interests to investigate, tell them. They can make a personal tour for you.

Overall we were thrilled and we wish Zach and Irene continued success in the future. They work hard at it and they deserve it!