San Sebastian Pintxo Tour: Top 3 Favorite Pintxos

Bar Zeruko in the old quarter of San Sebastian.

When visiting San Sebastian it is an absolute must to visit the many bars, and taste the delicious pintxos (Basque version of the Spanish tapa) that the city is famous for! There are dozens of bars in the city and it becomes difficult to choose where to go for new visitors. We are here to help!

Most bars in the city have a pintxo or two that they are famous for. Here is a list of our top three favorite bars in the city:

1.) Goiz Argi: This is a “hole in the wall” bar with standing room only. Our favorite pintxo here is the prawn skewer. This pintxo is 4 delicious prawns doused in a secret sauce that is phenomenal, and an absolute must try! This is one of our favorite pintxos in San Sebastian!

2.) Bar Zeruko: Zeruko is a famous bar in the old quarter of the city that serves up some tasty and visually eye-catching pintxos. There are numerous pintxos that are worth a try at this bar, however, or favorite here is a pintxo caliente (hot pintxo). A hot pintxo is a “made to order” dish that is a specialty in San Sebastian. This hot pintxo consists of smoked cod with with a burning coal underneath it, and a tube of salad juice. The presentation of this pintxo will blow you away!

3.) Atari Gastroteka: hot pintxos are the name of the game at Atari Gastroteka. There are numerous outstanding pintxos to try when visiting this bar. Our favorite is the grilled squid with potatoes. This is quite a large pintxo and can easily be make a great lunch or dinner in itself. All the fish and seafood in the Basque Country is super fresh, and when on the Basque coast it is absolutely essential to try!

This is just the beginning! We offer Basque pintxo tours in both Bilbao and San Sebastian. There are so many hidden gems to be found when taking a Basque food tour that it helps to have some local knowledge. Let us show you the best of Basque gastronomy with a San Sebastian pintxo or Bilbao pintxo tour!!!

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