Top 3 Favorite Wineries in La Rioja

Is your European Cruise Docking in Bilbao? The best of Basque Offers Customized Shore Excursions to Bilbao, San Sebastian, La Rioja and the Basque coast.

The best of Basque offers small, private, customized guided tours of the Basque Country. Cruise ships are increasingly making stops in the port of Bilbao, and we offer the perfect alternative to those large tour buses.

Recently, we had the opportunity to take a 5 person group from the United States on a private customized tour of Bilbao and the surrounding coast. The group contacted us a few weeks prior to their vacation. They were looking for an alternative to the large “cattle bus” operations typically offered by the cruise ships for shore excursions. The group wanted to see the city of Bilbao plus the beautiful and rugged Basque coast. We designed the perfect itinerary for them which included a guided walking tour of the city of Bilbao along with a few stops on the coast.

Our first stop on the tour was to the Bizkaia Bridge in Getxo which is designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site. The bridge is unique to the world, and was designed by Alberto Palacio who studied under Gustavo Eiffel. From Getxo we made the short trip to the beaches of Sopelana. Sopelana has outstanding views of the Bay of Biscay which offer guests numerous photo opportunities. The beaches are ruggedly beautiful and are exemplary of the dramatic Basque coast.

The group had some physical disabilities so we tailored their Bilbao shore excursion to avoid unnecessary walking. Our Mercedes van is low to the ground which allowed the guests to get in and out with ease. We were also able to accommodate their scooter and walker without an issue. They very much enjoyed their short walking tour of Bilbao and lunch at a historical restaurant offering Basque cuisine in the old quarter of the city. They also were able to see the Guggenheim Museum.

The group thoroughly enjoyed their shore excursion of the Basque Country. They felt that this tour with us offered so much more then the typical shore excursion organized by the cruise ships. We offered them a personalized and custom experience that allowed them to experience the Basque Country like a local.

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