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A Basque Country tour, or Euskadi in the Basque language is a journey into the undiscovered. Naturally beautiful, and culturally rich, this region of northern Spain and southwest France offers a taste of Europe unlike any other. Unsurprisingly, this region is quickly becoming a haven for people travelling to and throughout Europe who are searching for unique and exceptional experiences. From spectacular mountain vistas, world-renowned vineyards, charming coastal villages, Michelin-star restaurants, famous museums. The Basque Country has so much to offer its visitors. We at The best of Basque promise to deliver a unique and exciting experience!

Irene & Zachary

A Basque-American couple sharing their love of the Basque Country.

Irene was born and raised in Bilbao. She has a deep rooted passion for her country and culture. Zachary is from Michigan, USA, and became enamored with the Basque Country after travelling here with Irene. Prior to starting The best of Basque Irene and Zachary worked at a luxury private island resort in the Caribbean.

Zachary earned a Bachelors degree in economics from DePaul University in Chicago, and Irene holds a Masters degree in education from the University of the Basque Country. Irene and Zachary have a common interest for experiencing new cultures and travelling, having visited over 50 countries throughout the world.

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