A Bilbao Private Tour… The 7 Streets!

The city of Bilbao is located in the province of Bizkaia in the autonomous community of the Basque Country. The city is most famous for the spectacular Guggenheim Museum, and the cultural and architectual renaissance the city is experiencing.

However, there is much more to see and learn about the city. Settled along the Nervion RIver in the early 14th century, this city has some serious history! The famous 7 CALLES or 7 streets of the old quarter of Bilbao contain some of the oldest architecture found in the city. Many of the structures that make up the old quarter date back to the 1300s.

Specifically, the church of San Anton along the Nervion is one of the oldest religious building in Bilbao. Construction began on the church in the late 15th century and was finished in 1510. There are some interesting stories surrounding this medieval church. One story that is a bit morbid, but nonetheless interesting is how the city used to throw prisoners off the church tower! This tower was built prior to the church being constructed, and later the church used this tower to form the San Anton structure. Fortunately, this does not take place these days, but you can imagine what it might have been like in 14th century Bilbao!

Now the 7 streets of the old quarter of Bilbao are more famous for the delicious pintxos, and beautiful buildings that make up the cobblestone streets. An added bonus of this area of Bilbao is that the old quarter does not allow cars to pass, and is only for pedestrians! For guests interested in shopping there is also an abundance of unique clothing, gourmet, and other boutiques to browse. A private tour of Bilbao will highlight all the architectural, culinary, and historical attractions that make Bilbao a must-see destination when visiting the beautiful Basque Country.

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